FD Services

We have the capability and capacity to handle the following financial duties and responsibilities.

    Manage the finance function and ensure maximization of wealth or return.
    Implement robust internal controls in business units
    Establish and implement monthly/quarterly Key Performance Indicators(KPI's)  and Critical Success Factors ( CSF's)
    Establish internal processes for producing monthly/quarterly management accounts
    Review computer systems and software to ensure they are adequate and will allow for growth
    Carry out cash flow forecasts and internal system to ensure smooth functioning
    Establish and oversee cashflow process, ensuring it's consistent with company requirements
    Identify the most profitable lines of business
    Preparing Break even analysis for product lines
    Establish and review budgeting & forecasts
    Work with Tax Advisers to ensure the company & stakeholders are maximising tax breaks.
    Oversee and administer company pension scheme
    Translate all figures and data in a financially understandable formats
    Liaise with external advisers, Banks, Auditors, solicitors and insurers etc
    Training accounting and finance staff for effective utilization of their skills